One of the many roofing problems which have nothing to do with the elements is pigeons. They can truly make a mess of things finding their way into attics if holes are big enough and leaving droppings everywhere including dirtying up patios,Guest Posting walkways, etc. The droppings can be especially important to avoid as they can carry disease creating serious health hazards.

In order to combat these birds there are a number of options but it’s important to be persistent as they are very smart. If they found your roof and use it as a base, so-to-speak, there is a good chance they are there for a reason.


Holes: crevices in roofs are a Pigeon deterrents goldmine for pigeons. If they can squeeze through they will use your attic for shelter and roosting. Inspect your roof well for pigeon entranceways and seal them with chicken wire and the like. Holes may include broken screens or windows.


Good runways/landing pads: Place special pigeon spikes on ledges where they appear to be sitting. If they no longer have room to sit they will go elsewhere. You may also want to put it in areas where they congregate that are not necessarily ledges and not holes into the attic. Sometimes they will choose your roof because it makes a good landing pad and runway for taking off. Make the area inhospitable and they won’t return. An alternative to the spikes is any other material that you think will block their ability to land and hang out.


Decoys: much like a scarecrow you can place decoys on your roof to ward of the pigeons. Owls make a good pick, as pigeons consider them predators. NOTE: some opinion say this may only work temporarily, as the pigeons will get used to the fact the decoy is not moving.


Regularly spray Pigeons on the roof with a garden hose. You don’t need to use much water to momentarily scare them away.


As with most other things, if you still can’t get the pigeons to leave for good you’ll need to call in a professional. Just remember, the birds are animals and it’s important to exhaust all efforts to treat them humanely.

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